Thursday, April 06, 2006

What's next, now that I have the spent the last 8 months writing the following, from scratch:

-- XML UI language
-- a set of simple widgets (buttons, text fields, static and editable, box widgets, menus, spacers, and windows)
-- Mozilla JavaScript engine integration layer
-- a component bridge between JavaScript and C++, utilizing my own IDL-like language, expressed in XML (but not COM)
-- properties support (minimal DOM) for set/get value, enable and disable
-- ability to create and destroy dialogs directly from JavaScript
-- crude localization (no i18n support, but UI strings are kept in separate DTDs)
-- the above all ported to MacOSX (Cocoa), Windows (.NET), and Linux (Gtk+)

behind me (modulo any bugs I find)?

Well, thinking on this, I'd like to see the following in the UI:

-- scrolled window support, a "scrolled" tag that can be used as a container and can scroll its children
-- simple list control
-- a Gtk+-based print system (waiting for RedHat to come thru on a good CUPS-based implementation, they said by this May). Cocoa and Windows print support is already implemented.

There are plenty of other controls I could add, like radio buttons, checkboxes, and so on. These are all needed to make the toolkit complete, but they can wait until I release to open source. For now, I need to get closure on this phase of the toolkit and return to writing manuscript (my deadline looms...)

So, next weekend is a scrolled window container, and the following weekend is a list control. Then I am off to vacation (somewhere, anywhere!) and then back to focusing my time on writing.

Stay tuned.