Sunday, January 29, 2006

Trixul is the name I came up with for the toolkit I have been working on during the past six months. Let me explain how this name came about.

It started with a lifelong fascination for an animal with the scientific name triakis semifasciata -- the Leopard Shark, a harmless species that one commonly finds in the waters here off of San Diego. Long ago, I thought, if I ever had a company, or a product of some kind, I would use either the common name, or the scientific name, in some way or another.

So, today, I decided at first that I would call the toolkit "triakis". But, a quick search found that someone already was using this name (

Eventually, I converged on trixul, which is the first three letters of triakis, with XUL (e.g., mozilla's XUL XML UI language that inspired the development of my toolkit) tacked on the end.

Trixul is pronounced "tricks-uh-l", which rhymes with "pixel".

The prefix "tri" is convenient in that I am targeting three platforms, MacOS X, Linux, and Windows.

I now own,, and -- the availability of these domain names factored also into my decision. The three of these URLs will all point to the same place, and should be up in the next 48 or so hours.